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(2014) BSc  Bio Med _Research Sc - UEA     (Thesis  FEET)
(1988) Non Relevant - Financial Accounting Degree

*FootCare Practitioner - Kings Lynn, Norfolk
*(Retrained with Dr John Hayling - Birmingham)
*Laser Technician
*Nutrition - Real Goals Weight Loss
*Reflexology - BASIC

I am fortunate to have been able to re-start my career path. Sometimes a  "mid-life crisis" is not a bad thing.

The Clinic is based among a residential and business community who look after each other, the door is always open and the kettle is always on the boil. There is FREE AND EASY ON ROAD PARKING.

I meet the most wonderful people and the sense of achievement and pride after taking care of a patient's foot is profound and rewarding.

My favourite poem is "Foot Prints in The Sand" and it was during Easter time that I realised that actually I didn't want to study Nutrition at Kings, that I had made a mistake. I did not study for a Podiatry Degree, so cannot  take that title.

Blessings are disguised, one of my blessings is disguised in a oversized white coat. A dear family friend , renowned Consultant who allows me to shadow him in various hospitals and on Conferences. I am extremely privileged and grateful  as this allows me to use the very best skills and gather the best informative information that I always use and pass on to my clients.

Jessica and Paula will help you with any enquiries , bookings, shoes, fittings and product enquiry. I am certain that if you arrive with a smile they will make you a nice cup of tea.

8am 3.45pm
8am 3.45pm
8am 6.00pm
8am 3.45pm
Chiropodist / Podiatrist

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