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Walk, Walk, Walk

The most fun, natural, and inexpensive ways of keeping your feet in top shape.

For those with a long history of inactivity, problems with obesity, or who just don't like strenuous activity, walking is an excellent way to begin an exercise program.

Walking has a host of benefits.

Walk and talk.

If you are a little unsteady, take it slowly, becareful our pavements can be uneven, walk with someone, it could be just to the end of your road. It's a start, it all helps.

If you are more than 60 years old and have any problems with weight, respiration, blood pressure, pulse rate, or cholesterol, check with your doctor before beginning a walking regimen. The same goes for diabetics, smokers, or people with pre existing injuries or a family history of heart problems.

Walking helps control weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Walking also improves cardiovascular fitness. Walking gets the heart beating faster to transport oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the muscles. The heart and lungs grow more efficient with a regular walking regimen, reducing blood pressure and the resting heart rate. Walking is even a central element of medical rehabilitation.

Recovery from many ailments, including heart attack, is facilitated by a regular walking regimen.

In addition, walking creates an overall feeling of well-being, and can relieve depression, anxiety, and stress by producing endorphins, the body's natural tranquilizer. A walk will relax you and also stimulate your thinking.

Don't neglect your feet when embarking on a walking regimen. Wear thick, absorbent socks. Nails should be cut regularly, straight across the toe.

Avoid self-treatment of corns and calluses with over-the-counter remedies before starting to walk.
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