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Ingrown Toe Nail

To avoid ingrown toenails you should cut your nails straight across, protect your feet from trauma and wear shoes with adequate room for your toes.

The most common causes of ingrown toenails are shoes that don't fit correctly and improperly trimmed nails for example cutting nails too short or attempting to taper the corners with the shape of the toe.

Other causes include toenails that are simply too large, trauma, such as stubbing a toe, frequent running, excessively tight socks or stockings.

 When a toenail is ingrown the skin on the side of the toenail grows over the edge of the nail, or the nail grows into the skin causing swelling, pain and redness. Ingrown toenails are a common condition and are known as onychocryptosis.

If the nail is too deeply embedded and cannot be removed without the use of an anaesthetic, the clinic will refer to a senior Podiatrist or the patient's Doctor.
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